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Custom Chestplate


Introducing our custom Mandalorian-inspired chest plate – a unique blend of Din Djarin’s lighter beskar plate and Paz Vizsla’s heavy plate. We have designed a heavy scout variant that caters to Mandalorians seeking a balance between mobility and protection.

To cater to different preferences, we offer various versions of our chest plate:

Top Chest Plate:

Chest Plate (No electronic cutout)
Chest Plate (With electronic cutout)
Ab Plate:

Long Heavier Version
Short Squared Edges Version
Short Rounded Edges Version
Short Modular Version
Shoretrooper Style Modular Plate
The top chest plate with electronics is compatible with most Fettronics-style setups (not provided). Our modular ab version currently launches with the Shoretrooper themed plate, with more designs in the works.

We are proud to announce that this chest plate has been approved for Post Imperial custom kits.

Please note that as a digital item, we cannot offer refunds for the STL files. However, you are free to print, cast, and sell physical versions of the model. We kindly request that you refrain from reselling our original 3D files.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message. Thank you for considering our custom Mandalorian-inspired chest plate.

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Custom Chestplate