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The Foreman


I am pleased to announce the latest addition to the Alter Ego Armory catalog, The Foreman. This is our 11th helmet that we are positive will ensure our customers have a helmet for every situation.

Now that the covert has been discovered it is time to rebuild. We have suffered and survived through greater, but I cannot do it alone. I need you to bring more foundlings under our protection, secure new contacts, remove those who stand in our way and uphold the creed we live by. My name is Mavron Dhaak and I am the Foreman, and together we will ensure the Mandalorian’s are never defeated. This is the way.

The helmets design was create by my good friend Mavron Dhaak.

The file is sized for a 24″ head. From inner ear to inner ear it is 185mm (7.5in) from inner front to back it is 265mm (10.4in). From inner top to bottom it is 240mm (9.4in)

Disclaimer: I cannot offer refunds for STL files as I have no way of revoking a digital item.

Once you own these files you are welcome to print, cast, and sell physical versions of the model. I would ask that you DO NOT resell my original 3D files.

Any questions at all please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

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The Foreman